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33 indoor parking spaces
in the heart of the City of Spa!

Location & Access

Adresse pour GPS: Avenue Reine Astrid 26, 4900 Spa

Entrance visible via a large "Parking" sign.

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Monday to Friday

1h00: 2,20 €
2h00: 4,40 €
3h00: 6,60 €
4h00: 8,80 €
5h00: 10,20 €
6h00: 11,60 €
7h00: 13,00 €
8h00: 14,40 €
24h00: 20,00 €


Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

1h00: 2,80 €
2h00: 5,60 €
3h00: 8,40 €
4h00: 11,20 €
5h00: 12,80 €
6h00: 14,60 €
7h00: 16,20 €
8h00: 17,80 €
24h: 25,00 €

Lost ticket: 35 €

Privatization request

Luxury Spa

Registered name:
Val de Theux
Rue Chinheid 7B/011
4860 Pepinster

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General conditions of the
Parking Centre Ville

Point 1
The PARKING accepts no liability for any reason whatsoever for any damage such as, in particular, accidents, theft or damage, even partial, which may occur on its premises. The PARKING service informs the user of the obligation to lock the vehicles.

Point 2
It is strictly forbidden for the user to wash his/her car inside the car park, to carry out any work or to leave anything there.

Point 3
It is strictly forbidden to distribute or display advertising folders or other documents without prior agreement from the car park manager, under penalty of punishment.

Point 4
The use of snow chains is strictly prohibited. Any damage caused by the use of snow chains, despite the ban, will be charged to the user.

Point 5
Access to the car park is forbidden to trailers.

Point 6
In the event of loss of a ticket by a passing user, he/she will be required to pay a fixed fee (lost ticket) according to the tariff in force at that time.

Point 7
The user acknowledges that PARKING has the right to move his/her vehicle if operating requirements so require and if his/her vehicle is not parked in the spaces provided for this purpose. This applies, among other things, to vehicles parked outside the designated spaces and obstructing traffic, parked in reserved spaces or parked for more than two months in the car park without prior written notification to the management.

Point 8
The user shall have access to the car park during its opening hours, unless otherwise provided for in the agreement between the user and the PARKING. PARKING reserves the exclusive right to set the opening and closing times of the car park by means of a notice.

Point 9
The user must comply with the verbal instructions given by the car park staff.

Point 10
The maximum speed limit for vehicles is 10 km per hour. The Highway Code is applicable. Traffic directions and other signs in the car park must be strictly observed.

Point 11
The user must turn on the vehicle's "Code" headlights, day and night, regardless of the intensity of the interior lighting, at all times when driving in the car park. Access to vehicles equipped with L.P.G. is prohibited in underground car parks.

Point 12
In the event of an accident in the car park, the user shall ensure that his vehicle does not in any way impede normal traffic inside the car park.

Point 13
In the event of any waiting inside the car park, the user must immediately stop the engine of his vehicle.

Point 13
The car park facilities are intended exclusively for parking vehicles. Only persons who have parked their vehicle and those accompanying them are authorised to enter the car park, including access. In the event of a breach of these regulations, a call for public order will be made.

Point 13
Access to the car park is strictly reserved for vehicles with a valid number plate and legally insured.

Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle
Lock your vehicle and take your ticket with you
Before taking your vehicle back, pay at the automatic pay station

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